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I know you wanna do one too…

morguscreep mamacreepsville andibgoode you’re in luck I’ve unearthed one with a quick search and filled in the blanks

1. Do you miss the 90’s?

Nah. I was born in 1990 & I don’t really miss being a little kid except that I didn’t have to pay for anything.

2. What does the moon look like tonight?

I haven’t looked at it and I’m not getting up soooo

3. Don’t you hate it when people don’t listen to your side of the story?

Yeah especially when the other person is totally wrong aka always
4. Do you know how to text without looking?


5.What about typing without looking?

hell yes 

6.Do you like to run up & down hotel hallways?
Who the fuck made this survey

7. Do you ever disagree with someone just for the fun of it?
No and I hate people who do that what’s wrong with you

8. Have you ever layed down in the middle of the street?

Probably in high school when I was trying to be all indie 

9. Do you get annoyed when people steal your spot when you leave for something?

You snooze you lose

10. At the movie theaters, where do you sit?
Wherever I feel like there is a lesser chance of a stranger sitting right next to me

11. Do you like slushies?

Yes I’ll chug one right now 

12. How big is your imagination?


13. Is the weather where you live consistent?
It’s been hot as hell in LA and it seems like it’s been that way forever 

14. Has anyone ever compared you to someone you don’t like?

yeah and then you do that fake smile like 😅

13. In the winter, would you rather wear a hoodie or a coat?


14. Do you add unneccessary letters to the end of words?

Yes and I think it might annoy people so sorryyyyyyyyyyyy

15. When was the last time someone told you to chill?

when I started getting heated for no reason last week

16. Who do you take things out on when you’re having a bad day?


17. What’s the point of a white crayon?
Dont act like youre ever going to buy black construction paper. Just throw the white crayon away. Or melt it.

18. Have you ever thrown rocks at a girl/guy’s window?

No that’s terrifying 

19. Do you agree that unplanned nights are usually the best nights?


20. Have you ever yelled “put your pants back on!”when someone was on the phone?
No because I’m not the unfunny friend that tries too hard

21. Being too nice gets you nowhere, Agree or disagree?

hmm agree in the short run disagree in the long run :)

22. Do you quote movies a lot or know someone who does?

With certain friends I quote movies

23. Do you like tic tacs or gum better?

Gum. tic tacs literally do nothing

24. Do you sleep with your cell phone?

On the nightstand, usually charging

25. When was the last time you took a power nap?

I try to take them when my son takes them I’m tired 24/7!

26. Does the shake weight commercial make you laugh?

I bought one for my mom and bedazzled her initials on it but she never used it

27. When was the last time you found something you didn’t know you had?

I don’t remember 

28. When you played tic tac toe, were you usually the x or o?

X forever

29. Don’t you love it when you find money in your pocket? :D

Yes and it never happens

30. Do you still find it hard to fall asleep on Christmas eve?
Yes because I am now Santa basically

31. What website do you waste a lot of time on?

This one. Why did I do this

I used to do MySpace surveys and post them as bulletins soooo much like… that was fun to me. Who else did that? I’m gonna look for one and re do that shit


June Palmer

Trying pinkish hair for a little while 😀


tempest storm


tempest storm

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Girls from the Iraqi National school of Music and Ballet practicing outside, Baghdad 1975.

Girls from the Iraqi National school of Music and Ballet practicing outside, Baghdad 1975.

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A&P Grand Opening, 1960 © John R. Barker

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Stephanie - Nov. 24, 1961


Stephanie - Nov. 24, 1961

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